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Let's Work Together!

One of the many rewarding aspects of this industry is that Go Green can team up with various agencies to extend our recycling reach and to aid in generating much needed funding for your cause.  We accept gently used clothing, shoes, hats, handbags, belts, and other accessories from adults, kids, and babies.  Here are a few avenues to encourage people to Choose Not To Throw It In The Trash, And Turn It Into Cash!






  • Host A Clothing Drive

So many are negatively affected by the economy and budget cuts.  Whether you are a school, business, church, or club, Go Green will coordinate all the details of the collection and pay you for all that is acquired!




  • Include Us In Your Charity Event/Walk

With every month bringing awareness to various causes, it is the perfect means to effortlessly supplement your revenue toward all the great work that you do.




  • Host A Bin

If you prefer to collect clothing for a period of time, Go Green can place a bin at your school, business, or organization that we will service regularly.  This provides an incredibly convenient means for your community to responsibly give a new life to their unwanted clothing, and in achieving the goals that you desire.

























Great Rewards!

While we are keeping discarded clothing out of our landfills and all the rewards that are reaped from this, the above services provide tremendous benefits to our partners:

  • Risk-free options to increase capital

  • No overhead

  • No additional cost to you

  • Promotes your organization

  • Asks nothing extra of participants, just their unwanted items

  • Gives back locally

  • Empowers your community

  • Fosters teamwork within your organization 

  • Raises awareness for your cause

  • Supports environmental consciousness 

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