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Our Mission

There are endless ways to live more consciously about our effects on the environment.  Go Green's focus is on textile recycling.  Our mission is to help divert some of the millions of tons of textiles that end up in our landfills every year by collecting unwanted clothing.  According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans generate about 25 billion pounds of textiles in one year and a staggering 85% of this goes directly to our landfills.  The average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing and textiles every year!  These astonishing numbers highlight the need for people to have an alternate outlet to discard their clothing.

This is where Go Green fits in!  Through our systematic collection from our clothing drop boxes and links with charitable organizations, we are able to give another go around to clothing,  Go Green acts as a link in the textile chain by redirecting clothing to people in need, second hand stores, and even overseas markets.  This is done by sorting facilities that determine the best route for the textiles, based on its condition.









Why So Green?

It seems everybody is talking about "going green" nowadays.  What does that even mean and why are we doing it?  Is it by purchasing certain household products, by recycling, or by taking note of how much energy we use?  And by doing this, are we actually reducing our carbon footprint?  The answer all around is yes!

At Go Green we realize everyone has a different definition and motivating cause for being "green."  It doesn't matter how little or big your efforts are, just becoming aware of our impact on the environment and choosing to do something about it, is what we at Go Green hope to shine a light on!  (An energy efficient light, that is!)













Everybody Wins!

The benefits to recycling your clothing are bountiful.  Here are a few:

  • Rid your closet of those items you keep saying you might wear one day and free up much needed space

  • Allow your clothes to live on, to go to people in need and/or be bought by someone at a more economical cost

  • Reduce the need to manufacture new clothes, which has harsher effects on the environment than recycling

  • Diminish air and water pollutants

  • Free up landfill space

  • Decrease town garbage disposal costs

  • Preserve natural resources

  • Save energy

  • Create employment here and abroad, cultivating "green" jobs

  • Stimulate revenue for local businesses and organizations

  • Raise awareness for protecting our environment


So let your "green" efforts start with giving your clothing a second chance.  Whether you decide to rewear, reuse, or recycle your clothing, choose "green" and keep our landfills clean!  Contact Go Green to find out how we can join forces to be an advocate for our planet.  At Go Green we believe that Together We Can Make A Difference!

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